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We are excited to meet you and introduce you to Capstone Capital Consulting. Please reach out to us by phone at 866.246.2106, email at contact@CapstoneCapitalConsulting.com , LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other media. Take the next important step to grow your practice by engaging Capstone Capital Consulting to introduce your clients to the senior life settlement asset class.

Chris Streib
Director and Co-Founder
Michael Bradburn
Director and Co-Founder
John M. Zanetis
Director and Co-Founder
Tyler Randolph
Director and Co-Founder
Jerry Lewis, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
Robert W. Fay
Chief Investment Officer
vasu vijay
Vasu Vijay
Chief Technology Officer
Rut Gadea
Director of Corporate Affairs
Jason Bokina
Dir. of Business Development