DOL Rule? Or NO DOL Rule?

Here are some thoughts we want to share…

* You already know that the new DOL rule only impacts ERISA accounts.
* You already know how to correctly roll over 401(k) accounts to Self-Directed IRAs (SDIRAs), right?

If any of this comes as a surprise to you, call us immediately and we will help direct you to the Self-Directed IRA professionals for advice and direction.

We are reaching out to you because the compensation landscape is in flux. You may be facing declining revenues. We provide an Alternative Investment Platform that many of your peers utilize, that can replace any lost revenue, and can actually increase your revenue substantially. All you need is the proper regulatory structure. We are consultants in this business, and this is our “value added” proposition.

The Capstone Platform is truly a “Turn Key” solution to ease the transition. With access to qualified attorneys, accountants and consultants with expertise in these areas, you will have the benefit of expert counsel to guide you through the process.

Here’s the best part. DOL Rule or no DOL Rule, ERISA funds or non-qualified, this structure works! And you can, with our support, have it completely implemented in less than 90 days!