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Michael Bradburn October 20, 2017

It’s Not About the Nail…Or Is It???

Human beings are complicated.  We seek to simplify decisions to their lowest common, logical denominator based on our experiences with the goal of making choices that will benefit us the most.  Economic theory assumes that every feasible alternative would be considered relative to its long-term consequences.  Unless you live under a rock with a theoretical economist, this is not how.

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Jason Bokina October 6, 2017

Senior Life Settlements: A Powerful Tool for RIAs

Recently, one of my Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) clients metaphorically referenced different investment choices as being “tools in your investment tool belt.”  As he puts it, “Investment vehicles have individual and unique strengths that can do different things for a client’s portfolio.”  And just as one would use a lathe in an entirely different application than say, a jack-hammer, clients.

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Michael Bradburn October 3, 2017

Moore’s Law & the Rate of Change in the RIA World

Moore’s Law is an observation that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years.  Gordon Moore, co-founder of Fairchild Semiconductor and Intel, made the observation in a 1965 white paper.  Even though Moore’s Law is a projection and not a physical and natural law, it does help us understand the environment that financial advisors.

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Michael Bradburn September 9, 2017

Ivy League Endowment: Yale Leads the Way with Alternative Investments

It was collegiate sports, and specifically the need for rules in football, that brought the eight colleges together in 1873 to form “The Ivy League.”  Ever since this alliance formed, the competition between these institutions has been intense, spirited and includes not only sports and education but also investing.  The university endowment, which was also born in the Ivy Leagues,.

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Michael Bradburn September 3, 2017

Would Joe Kennedy be Out of Today’s Bull Market?

Kennedy would certainly be tuned into the market pundits who are now broadly agreeing that the eight-year bull market is in the ‘late stage’ and ripe for disruption.  Like many of us, he might have even read Christine Williamson’s recent piece in Pensions & Investments where several highly respected firms were cited for developing exit strategies from the current market..

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