Michael Bradburn July 31, 2017

What Great Football Teams Teach Us at Capstone

With news of training camps becoming more prevalent on the daily sports page, chatter about the upcoming NFL season is bound to start around the water cooler.  At Capstone Capital Consulting, admittedly, we are football junkies and we believe there is much to be learned from great football teams and their respective coaching staff.  In fact, even as we look at our Senior Life Settlement business model, we can draw a number of parallels to the great sport of football.

Winners “Watch Film”

Peyton Manning, Larry Fitzgerald and Ray Lewis were all legendary in their work ethic leading up to game day.  To be specific, they devoured game films to the point of being a bit obsessive.  This commitment to preparation not only payed off in individual games, but also in the consistent success and longevity of their careers.  And, when compared to an “anti-film” player, such as Michael Vick, the contrast in longevity and consistency is even more apparent.  Winners watch a game film.  When constructing our business model, we were very adamant about reviewing the life settlement industry’s “game film.”  What went right?   What needed to be improved?  The result of our exhaustive study is what led us to building the Premium Reserve Management (PRM) Algorithm to manage the one glaring risk in our space, extended longevity.

Balance Offense & Defense:

So what wins football games?  Offense or defense?  Coaches, players and fans have differing views and theories.  Personally, my favorite teams throughout the years dominated on both sides of the ball.  The 60s Packers, 70s Steelers, 80s 49ers and the 90s Cowboys combined strong offense and defense to win.  Compared to an alternative investment such as Senior Life Settlements, expect a strong offense (predictable growth) combined with a solid defense (non-correlated to market and non-market forces).  This balanced attack wins, especially with uncertain market times approaching.

Team Focus

We have all heard “There’s no ‘I’ in TEAM.”  The same holds true in football and in our business.  We are in the business of helping select RIA firms start a Senior Life Settlement business.  Our scouting standards are very stringent, but for the right RIA firm we offer a game plan that will transform your practice through an alternative investment that offers both relative safety and absolute return to your valued clients.  With our system, The Capstone Platform, we are there to support your Team with the “heavy lifting” that is required to on-board a new asset class.  If you are ready to take your Team to the next level, we should talk.  This is not a commission based product for you to sell.  This is a new business for you to build and grow within your current practice.  For more information on how Senior Life Settlements can transform your RIA practice and the Capstone Team, call Jason Bokina at 404-504-7006 or email info@capstonecapitalconsulting.com.







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